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club history

66 years motorsport department Augsburg e.V.

At that time in the years after the foundation of the club in 1952, the clocks were still running differently. The motorcycle was in the foreground as motorization increased. Constantly taking rides strengthened the cohesion. Comradeships and friendships were formed. Already 1 year after the foundation the association had over 200 members. The participation in various motor sports events was the measure of all things. Whether in Frankfurt or in Vienna or somewhere in between, everything was driven and various placements up to overall victories were brought home.

At the end of the 50's the motorcycles were increasingly replaced by cars. But the interest in motor sports lived on. Now they competed in skill drives, orientation drives and slalom and they started to organize and hold them in the name of the club. An infinite number of cups were won by our members, up to the overall victory of the German Mountain Championship on Autobianchi A 112.

The scene of orienteering, rallies and automobile slalom reached its peak in the 70's. There was almost no weekend where one was not offered the opportunity to participate in an event. And these possibilities were used abundantly, partly to the chagrin of material and purse. But none of us, who actively participated in this hunt, would like to miss these times.

At the beginning of the 80's the times for our doing and striving became difficult. Legal restrictions, increasingly in a creeping process, finally led to the fact that these, our activities, to which our heart and soul were so attached, were reduced to almost zero within the scope of our financial possibilities. We cherished our memories and we continued to cultivate the cultural events of our association, but all of this had somehow a wistful aftertaste. We had lost the momentum and the élan.

Until in the 90's a brilliant idea initiated the miraculous resurrection of the Motorsport Abteilung Augsburg e.V. The magic word was OLDTIMER! A new rising plant with smell of gasoline and oil. With an infinitely wide spectrum and fun it made to all abundance. Slowly but steadily the scene of oldtimer events spread and so we decided to create the 1st Augsburger Zirbelnuss Oldtimer Rallye at the turn of the millennium. A decision which we have not regretted until today. On July 1, 2012, the 13th rally was held and the starting field has grown to 100 vehicles in the meantime. Everyone can easily imagine that this is not only fun but also work. But in the meantime we were again 100 members and we pull together.

On the occasion of its 60th anniversary in 2012 the Motorsport Department Augsburg e.V. came up with another special feature. On market Sunday, May 6, all interested parties and onlookers were offered a ride in a classic car. From 11 a.m. on Maximilianstraße, 15 vehicles, from the Isetta to the Rolls-Royce, from the convertible to the limousine, were available to choose from. As it is well known that there is little that costs nothing, we accepted a voluntary contribution for this as well. This was not for the benefit of our association's treasury but went to 100% to the "Kartei der Not".

Who then now the curiosity seized and wants to know more exactly, who or which the motor haven department Augsburg registered association is, here some references:

  •  We are a catchment basin for all classic car enthusiasts, with and without their own classic cars.
  • We have two classic cars owned by the association, which are available for our members to borrow for a small fee.
  • We are rented in Augsburg in a hall, have a lifting platform, a lathe and a milling machine.
  • We meet for our weekly regulars' table every Thursday at 8 pm in the MBB Sportgaststätte in Haunstetter 168.
  • We are sociable and sociable and like to be sniffed at.